A little over a month ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and shoot with the talented Christina DeVictor of Someplace Wild through our mutual friend Morgan, and these images are some of the fruits of our labor. Not only is she a joy to work with, bringing laughs and a sense of comfort to the scene, she fueled my new-found desire to model with her encouragement. It was also my first time having my hair and make-up professionally done, which was quite the treat, and beauty-wonder Jennifer C. Nieman helped me feel so beautiful.

Also present were other gorgeous ladies lending their modeling talents to the shoot, and the feeling of girl power and camaraderie was almost palpable. It's hard to keep inspiration at bay when surrounded with such amazing, gifted women. In the moment, I was completely free to be myself and to exercise my own creative muscle, and it was such an empowering experience. Creating is something that women are made to do (after all, we are responsible for the gestation of life), and filling a room with females that understand this can foster such a liberating environment. I hope to cultivate a similar experience in the near future. (If you're interested and in the Atlanta area, please don't hesitate to contact me!)

This gorgeous sweater/skirt set was purchased on Instagram via @prettylittlefawnshop, as I mentioned in a previous post. It's sexy without showing every inch of skin, which I love, and I topped the simple yet impactful look with my chunky black clogs. It seems I just can't stay away from the neutral palettes, but who can blame me when this look is the result?

xx, Kelsey Lee

wearing... sweater/skirt set: Pretty Little Fawn Shop | biker-inspired clogs: Urban Outfitters (sold out)