style inspiration: pre-fall


"Pre-fall" is relatively new as a fashion season, having only arrived on the scene in recent years, but it's one I tend to get most excited about. While the weather is playing games with my heart (a chill on the breeze one moment, scorching temperatures the next), my mind is distracted with planning outfits that will transition into the cooler months I'm longing for.

If you've been following along for even the shortest period of time, it's no surprise that my chosen palette is neutral, with a few scattered pops of color in muted tones. Donning more than one layer in August in Atlanta is basically a suicide mission, but I'm anxiously awaiting the day I can toss my denim or leather jacket over the white collared shirts and classy blouses that have become a mainstay this summer; I'm particularly fond of the demure jacket-over-the-shoulders look as it involves no commitment to sleeves. 

Though I've been wearing my beloved boots all through the summer months (faux pas? meh, who cares), there's something about classic black leather oxfords that makes it seem only right to break them out once the leaves have begun to fall. Paired with ankle socks, they'll be so fun to wear with short dresses and button-front skirts. Jeans? A no-brainer for fall, high-waisted all the way. I'm not sure skinny jeans will ever be "out" for me (despite what the experts say), I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of cropped flares, and the mom-style I sported so happily last year seems to be sticking around for another season. Throw in a couple of knit tanks, a pair of the ubiquitous culottes, maybe a lightweight trench, and I think I've got myself a pre-fall wardrobe.

Are there any pieces you're excited to wear in the upcoming season? For more ensemble inspiration, check out my Pinterest board (all images via Pinterest).