modern pre-Raphaelite

Black on black on black: the ultimate no-brainer of an outfit. This particular ensemble features a few of my most favorite go-to items: distressed high-waisted black jeans, a silky tank, and the slides that dreams are made of. In this ever-scorching summer heat, milkmaid braids are the only thing stopping me from chopping my locks. My recent obsession with faux septum rings continues with this gorgeous piece by SoCal jewelry designer, Monica Squitieri. Having been a long-time fan of her work, I'm so pleased to add this Sugar Mountain septum ring to my collection.

While it may not come across in my simple, neutral ensembles, one of my perpetual modeling muses is the pre-Raphaelite woman. Caught in resting poses featuring minimal, exquisite movement and carrying facial expressions that depict an immense depth of feeling, these women wholly embody unaffected grace. They appear empowered and captivating, while still remaining delicate and fragile; the juxtaposition inspires me. Though I've yet to perfect the look, I'll forever aspire to incarnate the Lady of Shalott (just like my girl Anne Shirley).

wearing… top: thrifted | jeans (similar), shoes: Urban Outfitters | septum ring: Monica Squitieri | photos by Dylan York