natural habitat


A friend of mine, the talented Elliot Liss, is currently working on a photo series featuring people in Atlanta's lush greenery: #elliotsbushseries (oh, the innuendo). I was thrilled when he asked me to take part, as I love almost every photo Elliot has taken of me, and lingering alongside the verdant growth that takes over this city in the warmer months is one of my favorite pastimes.

Not only is the location iconically me, but the ensemble is also representative of me in my natural element. While it's often difficult to look and feel chic when the temperature is inching toward 100 degrees and humidity is near 50%, I have a few go-tos that aid in that endeavor. Rolling up the sleeves of an silk blouse and tying up the ends works wonders in staying cool, and this heat makes it impossible to shy away from the miniskirt. 

You may have noticed that I've brought back the baby bangs! I feel most essentially me when I sport this hairstyle, and I'm pretty happy the fringe has made its return. Maybe that's the reason for my embarrassingly frequent hair-touching pose? The world may never know.

wearing... blouse, clogs: thrifted | skirt: Urban Outfitters | shades: RayBan