style inspiration: feels like summer

In Georgia, spring turns into summer with such swiftness. One moment, you're enjoying the cool, breezy mornings and watching the trees sprout tiny, fluttering leaves; the next, you're trading your light sweaters for tank tops and making sure you have a pair of shades on you at all times. This weekend, temperatures are forecasted to reach the 90's, and I'm reaching for all the thin, breathable layers in various neutral shades (what else?). Black and denim act as an anchor, and you'll often find me with a hat atop my head. My slides and boots from the colder seasons will stay in rotation, though I'm on the hunt for a great pair of sturdy sandals and some leather high-top sneakers to add to the mix. Loose, high-waisted pants are also on my to-thrift list, but my trusty cut-off shorts fit the bill just fine for now. Pinterest is so helpful in outfit planning for the coming seasons. Follow my style inspiration here.

I apologize for the inadvertent month-long absence; my life has recently been thrown for quite a few loops, both wonderful and scary. I've been lucky enough to be involved in a few projects that I can't share just yet, and amazing local photographer Russell Dreyer has recently made me his muse. Despite any low points I've been experiencing, I choose to feel like things are ever on the rise, and positive things continue to come my way; I can't help but feel abundantly grateful.

How have you guys been? What's inspiring your summer style?

xx, Kelsey Lee