primaveral: a video editorial

A couple of weeks ago, Atlanta-based fashion designer Megan Huntz invited me to her studio to chat and have a look at her designs for the year. While I tried to play it cool, I was over the moon and jumped at the chance to meet with such an inspiring artist. Her studio, a mere 5-minute walk from my apartment building, was just what you'd expect from a designer having recently completed and in the process of showing her collection: mood boards filled with photo and fabric inspiration; a large worktable now void of work; lookbooks stacked neatly on a shelf; and a long rack filled with divine pieces, the final products of a laborious sartorial endeavor. However, the artist herself far surpassed my expectations.

Warm, engaging, and ecstatic to be sharing her work with someone who truly appreciated it, Megan showed and explained to me each article from the SS and AW collections debuting this year. As I was trying on a few of the spring items, I couldn't help but think of how fortuitous it was to be offered this opportunity; I have never laid eyes on clothing more perfectly suited to my personal tastes. Not only were the pieces impeccably crafted for the female form from sumptuous materials, Megan prides herself on the fact that each one was produced here in Atlanta. The muted and neutral tones are so on point for the season, and the unexpected color combinations keep things interesting. One of the most intriguing aspects of the SS collection (and Megan's work in general) is the use of pattern: a marble print, a rust-dyeing technique, and artwork printed on fabric are all present, and they each pack a punch. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing in more detail each look I styled using pieces from the spring/summer collection, but this fun little video (put together by my darling friend/talented photographer Jaquie Nicole) will give you a sneak peek of the ensembles. And as an added bonus, you'll see my naughty cat Thoreau making his film debut! Hope you enjoy.

xx, Kelsey Lee