couch cruisin'

Like so many, I've often struggled with maintaining awareness of my potential. My mind is filled to the brim with ideas, but a perceived lack of resources and the thought that I might not have what it takes have often kept me from ever pursuing those dreams. Most frequently, this occurs in my creative life, but I've recently felt the urge to push beyond the boundaries my mind has set and seek out new avenues of personal expression. Enter this new blog. I'm so excited to be starting in a fresh space on a new platform!

In this life, daydreams need a little push in order to come to fruition. While I've been documenting my outfits online since 2010, my interest in modeling and editorial-style shoots has only recently been sparked. When Morgan Blake, a wonderful local photographer and new friend of mine, contacted me about shooting together, it was just the nudge I needed to venture into that creative realm. 

Now, onto the ensemble... Meet my new favorite jeans! In the process of minimizing my wardrobe (more on that in future posts), I felt it almost imperative to invest in lasting, well-fitting denim. Since they arrived on the scene, Madewell jeans have been described by many as nothing less than magical in the fit department, and I cannot disagree! While they're considerably pricier than my typical jean choices, I was so pleased to find this pair on the clearance rack (the very last pair, which just happened to be in my size) at an 80% discount, thanks to after-Christmas sales. The high-waisted fit and interesting wash fit seamlessly into my wardrobe of crop tops and neutrals, and they've already gotten plenty of wear. This perfectly-90's ribbed crop top actually belongs to a skirt-set that I scooped up from the shop of one of my girl crushes, Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn. While the set is just darling, I love the more casual feel of pairing the top with jeans. Adding my trusty boots to the mix was a no-brainer.

Thanks for stopping by my new space! I can't wait to share with you guys all the things I've been working on.

xx, Kelsey Lee

top: Pretty Little Fawn Shop
jeans: Madewell
boots: H&M (similar)
shades: American Apparel, borrowed from Morgan