Hi there! I'm Kelsey Lee, a self-proclaimed old soul, optimist, and style-enthusiast. Though I aspire to live all over the world, I currently reside in my verdant, thriving home city of Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband and Thoreau the Cat. My current creative endeavors include writing, embroidery, personal styling, and modeling. Inspiration finds me by way of the pure beauty of nature and by witnessing other creatives pursue their dreams.

Having read many fashion blogs throughout the years, I enjoy adding my voice to the din that is the blogosphere in sharing my own personal views on trends and style. When it comes to styling, I prefer a more interesting, creative, and frugal route: scouring thrift shops and secondhand stores for more meaningful, original pieces and compiling them for ensembles that are all my own. As I often repeat to myself, life is too short to be like anyone but yourself. Occasionally, I have the amazing opportunity to collaborate with artists and designers, but I only work with products and pieces I truly appreciate, and all opinions are my own.

Don't let the straight faces and sly smirks in my photos fool you; in person, I'm chatty, upbeat, and maybe a little awkward. I thrive on meeting and creating with new people, so please don't hesitate to contact me at dear.kelseylee@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by!